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SHERPA® for Identity Protection

When it comes to identity theft protection, you want an expert on your side with the experience to protect your identity and financial security. You want SHERPA Identity Theft Protection.

A Sherpa is an expert who guides a climber to reach the highest peak when they scale a mountain. Sherpas understand the terrain and the equipment needed. They walk side-by-side with the individual to ensure a safe journey. That’s what SHERPA Identity Protection provides – expert experience and knowledge in identity theft. Look to SHERPA for the trusted guidance you want and deserve.

Protection Levels and Pricing

With three levels of protection to choose from, your identity is protected through credit monitoring and alerts, 24/7 Internet surveillance, and lost wallet and restoration solutions. Plus, SHERPA delivers the protection you need at a lower cost than other solutions on the market today.

Protect your identity by having a company you trust monitor your information to ensure fraudulent activity isn’t happening to you. Get SHERPA Identity Protection today.

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