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Protection Plans

Get Identity Protection Now

SHERPA® offers three plan options that allow you to select the protection that’s just right for you. At a minimum, each plan includes:

  • Ongoing credit monitoring and alerts
  • 24/7 internet surveillance monitoring with Digital Ally, SHERPA’s proprietary cyber‐surveillance technology
  • Lost wallet protection and full-service credit repair assistance

It only takes minutes to become the victim of identity theft. It also takes only minutes to get protected with SHERPA.

Why Choose SHERPA?

SHERPA uses top identity protection technology to provide credit monitoring and alerts, comprehensive identity services, and restoration solutions. While no product can fully prevent identity theft, SHERPA provides proactive monitoring to quickly identify fraudulent activity and put you on the right path.

SHERPA’s Digital Ally technology is an online identity theft monitoring solution designed for proactive cyber detection on an international level, meaning it’s monitoring your identity no matter the language – around the world.