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Identity theft, cybersecurity, and data breaches are a constant threat to your livelihood. SHERPA® Identity Protection, a top identity theft protection service, can put you at ease knowing you have the protections in place to safeguard your personal information. SHERPA® provides 24/7 electronic monitoring of personal data, credit score alerts, and access to professional resources should any issue arise.Minimizing your risk doesn’t end with SHERPA®. It’s critically important to manage your personal information in a safe and smart matter. Here are just a few simple, straightforward approaches to keeping fraudsters at bay:

Passwords and PIN Numbers:

Weak passwords are still a hot target. Creating unique passwords out of random numbers and letters makes it harder for identity thieves to gain access to your personal information.

Protect your online identity:

Be aware of information that you, your friends, and family post online. Any personally identifiable information online like date of birth or mother’s maiden name may be used for identity theft.

Be wary of email and text scams:

Never click on links or send information such as your social security number, credit or debit card numbers, or user ID or password through email or text

Use caution when providing personal information over the telephone:

Identity thieves may call you. Do not give out personal information over the phone unless you initiated the call. Also, register your phone number on the Do Not Call Registry.

Use the latest anti-virus software and be wary about public WiFi networks:

Update your computer and other devices with the latest anti-virus software to help protect against malware and viruses. Keep a close watch on the WiFi network as it’s an easy target for criminals and never share personal information over a public network.


Use these helpful tips along with an added level of protection from SHERPA®  to ensure your personal information belongs only to you.