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Last year 13.1 million Americans were victims of identity theft. That is more than one person every two seconds! But, the question still remains for many: what is identity theft and why should I protect myself from it? Identity theft occurs when someone uses or attempts to use personally identifiable information of another person to commit fraud. Personally, identifiable information can be anything from someone’s credit card number to their e-mail address. Any information that can be used to identify you is considered personally identifiable information. When someone obtains this information, they can use it for personal gain.

The most common form of identity theft ends in financial gain for the fraudster. This can leave you with a ruined credit score and mountains of debt. The longer it takes to identify that you’ve become a victim, the worse an identity theft case becomes.

How does a fraudster obtain this information? One way is through a data breach. When your personal information becomes compromised, it may end up on the dark web where it can be traded and sold. During a data breach, a fraudster will gather as much personal information from as many people as possible. This information is then sold on the dark web, in chat rooms, torrent sites, etc. The more personal information they obtain, the more money they receive.

Why do I need SHERPA® Identity Protection? SHERPA® continuously monitors and alerts you if your personal data is compromised. Our pro-active monitoring allows you to detect your personally identifiable information faster, reducing the chances of becoming a victim. SHERPA® monitors the dark web to alert you if your information is found and has a team of specialists there to assist you. Still not convinced? SHERPA® offers top technology at an affordable rate. We believe that everyone should be able to afford protection. Identity protection is the best way to combat identity theft.