Credit Services

Credit Reporting and Monitoring

A credit report and monitoring service that helps you be more aware of your credit health and alerts you when changes are reported due to fraudulent activity, including credit card fraud. While credit reporting cannot protect you from all types of identity theft, being familiar with the latest activity on your credit report is the first step to being empowered and mitigating risk.


Credit monitoring provides you with fraud alerts for changes in a credit report such as loan data, inquiries, new accounts, judgments, liens, and more

Single and tri-bureau credit reports provide credit scores and corresponding score factors (such as accounts in delinquency or new accounts opened), and rankings on where you stand in relation to other individuals

Opening up lines of credit is a very common and costly form of identity theft, and monitoring your credit is the fastest and simplest way to guard against fraudulent activity taking place under your identity

Single or tri-bureau reports are available annually from all three major credit reporting agencies, allowing you to proactively manage your financial health and monitor your identity

When you know your credit score, you have access to the same criteria that banks, lenders, and even employers use in evaluating creditworthiness.


Score Tracker is a simple way to stay the course with a monthly graph that provides you with valuable insight into your credit score. Score Tracker is based on four credit determining factors and allows you to visually see the path your credit score is taking over time by plotting any changes on a graph. It also explains factors that can cause shifts in your score to help you understand what actions to take.


An intuitive graph that displays the change in your credit score over time, giving you more control over your financial health

View your credit score regularly, without having to incur an extra cost by pulling a full credit report

Access your monthly Score Tracker graph and score factors for ongoing insight into your credit health