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About Us

SHERPA® Identity Protection offers consumers the highest level of identity theft protection and restoration services. Using leading technology, SHERPA equips you with the tools you need to protect your personal information. Founded in 2015 by the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association, SHERPA was created with the consumer in mind.

The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association has been serving credit unions in PA since 1934. Over the past few years as more businesses store their data electronically, the rate of identity theft has been on the rise. Criminals have become better in their use of data breaches, skimming, and cyber crime to steal personal information. As more and more credit union members were being impacted, our credit unions began looking for a solution.

Credit unions were formed with the idea of People Helping People. They wanted to help members protect their personal information with identity theft protection that was less expensive. They asked and we listened.

We created SHERPA Identity Protection. Our credit unions now can deliver peace of mind by offering a high quality identity theft product that is easy to use. SHERPA uses top identity theft protection technology in the industry to deliver outstanding protection at an affordable price. Select from one of three levels. Your identity is protected through a combination of services that includes ongoing credit monitoring and alerts, 24/7 internet surveillance with Digital Ally, SHERPA’s proprietary cyber‐surveillance technology, as well as lost wallet and full service restoration solutions.

Anyone can become a victim of identity theft, which is why anyone can sign up for SHERPA. Our product is available to anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in taking a proactive approach to monitoring their identity. Without identity protection, consumers are left with uncertainty and not knowing where to turn when identity theft strikes. SHERPA will provide proactive monitoring to quickly identify fraudulent activity and put you on the right path forward.

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