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Who We Are

Identity Theft Facts, based in Houston, Texas, is devoted to providing consumers with unbiased, accurate and in-depth information on the identity theft protection industry. With so much information and so many services to choose from when deciding on an identity theft protection company, it is hard for a consumer to make a choice that suits his or her specific needs. Thus, we are here to gather, organize and simplify the various identity theft protection services available by providing consumers with detailed cross-brand comparisons, service and cost breakdowns, and reviews. Our goal is to make it easier for consumers to make educated decisions about their identity theft protection service.

In addition to offering information on identity theft protection services, we also provide consumers with information and resources on other aspects of identity protection. This includes fraud alerts and credit freezes, how to stop junk mail, internet scams, along with many other detection and prevention tips. We believe that consumers should have knowledge about self-protection, like how to detect identity theft and reduce risks, along with knowing about other companies’ services.

We also keep consumers up-to-date on identity theft by posting blogs, articles, and videos regularly. Our blogs, in particular, feature news updates on the latest scams, identity theft protection services, and prevention tips. We also feature full-length articles and interviews with leading industry and law enforcement specialists. Identity thieves are continually evolving their techniques, so it is important for consumers to stay informed on a constant basis to stay one step ahead.

Here at Identity Theft Facts, we do countless hours of research on behalf of consumers to ensure they are protected from identity thieves by offering detection, protection and recovery information.

Our Goals

Our website has three main objectives when educating consumers.

1) We want to provide consumers with information on identity theft detection, so that they may spot and stop any initial signs of identity theft. We do this by providing consumers with detailed articles, blogs and videos on detection tips and how to’s, such as identity theft signs, how to monitor credit, and how to read credit reports.

2) We want to educate consumers on how to best protect themselves from identity theft. This includes providing consumers with detailed, unbiased comparisons between, and reviews on, the major identity theft protection companies. We also believe that consumers should take a self-directed role in protecting their identities so we provide protection tips as well as credit freeze and fraud alert information.

3) If a consumer should become a victim of identity theft, we want to ensure their full recovery. We provide consumers with identity theft recovery guidelines and identity theft laws, enabling them to fight back.

Ultimately, our end goal is for consumers to have all the information necessary to make informed decisions and protect themselves against identity theft. Knowledge is power, and we believe that everyone should have the power to make informed decisions along with the power to take charge of their lives.

What We Have To Offer

We offer consumers numerous services through our website including:

  • Comparison Section

    In this section, consumers will find an in-depth comparison between LifeLock, TrustedID, Equifax, IdentityTruth and IdentityGuard, including their monthly prices, family plan options, insurance coverage, add-on services, and refund and cancellation policies.

  • Review Section

    Consumers have access to detailed reviews on LifeLock, IdentityGuard, Equifax, TrustedID, and Identity Truth. Each review gives the company’s background information, its main product details, product features, pricing, cancellation and customer service information along with a performance summary.

  • FAQ Section

    Our website provides consumers with an in-depth and continuously updated FAQ section. Answered questions include those on stolen identities, the costs of identity theft, and identity theft safeguards along with other related topics.

  • Identity Theft Video Collection

    For those who prefer to be informed through different mediums, we offer an extensive, regularly updated video collection on our website. All videos are informational, and highlight how to defend against identity theft, how to recognize and prevent phishing scams, how to protect against spyware, and much more.

  • An identity theft blog

    We offer an extensive blog covering identity theft prevention news, interviews, articles and how to’s on a regular basis.

  • Extensive resource page

    We also offer an extensive resource guide filled with important contact information and links to government websites.

  • Easy-To-Use Format

    All of our categories are just an easy click away, located on our top panel.

Identity Theft Facts is consumers’ headquarters for identity theft detection, protection, and recovery information!