Identity Theft Protection

Learn How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that 9 million Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. With the abundance of personal information available to the general public and the increasing sophistication of identity thieves, knowing how to protect your personal information is paramount. We have gathered information and reviewed the different identity theft protection services to provide everything needed to make an informed decision about how to protect yourself from identity theft. – Top Protection Pick

Lifelock Review

Lifelock takes a proactive approach to ID theft protection by alerting the three major bureaus of fraud. This system works because sending out a…

Lifelock Review

Do It Yourself Identity Theft Protection

Although enlisting the services of an identity theft protection company is the easiest and most surefire way to protect yourself, the majority of what is included in their services can be performed by an individual as well. We have compiled a list of articles and resources to provide all the information needed to protect yourself without the use of an identity theft protection service.

Credit Freeze

Credit freezes, one of the best ways to protect against identity theft, work by freezing credit files, enabling individuals to control who can access their credit scores. Read More »

Stop Junk Mail & Telemarketing

Junk mail, or advertising mail, issued by businesses includes advertising circulars, catalogs, CDs, preapproved credit cards and other commercial merchandising materials. Read More »

Learn What To Shred

Identity theft can happen in many forms. One form, in particular, that is quite prevalent but easily avoidable is the procurement of sensitive documents from an individual’s garbage. Read More »

Fraud Alert

Fraud alerts, which major credit bureaus attach to credit scores, work by requiring creditors to verify individuals’ identities verbally before making any changes to those individuals’ credit. Read More »

Avoid Fraud And Scams

Individuals of all intellectual capacities are vulnerable to fraud and scams because con artists are able to exploit their weaknesses, such as greed, charity, good faith, and honesty. Read More »

Other Prevention Tips

Individuals should protect themselves against identity theft by protecting their personal information, especially highly sensitive items, like bank account and social security numbers. Read More »