ID Theft Reporting

ID theft reporting incidents continue to increase each year, as more individuals fall victim to increasingly elaborate schemes and persistent criminals intent on committing fraud. It takes vigilant protection of your social security number, credit card information and other financial details to avoid becoming one of the nearly ten million people reporting identity theft each year.

According to statistics from the Federal Trade Commission, 85% of victims of identity theft report the problem only after they have been turned down for financing for a car, home or other major purchase. Often, identity theft is difficult to detect because thieves often change the address on your existing accounts and open new accounts, which the victim is not aware of until they are denied financing.

IdentityEdge offers comprehensive identity protection services that can help you prevent and monitor credit report identity theft. Using our service, members can protect themselves from having difficulty obtaining credit and ensure their credit rating is protected. Our ID theft plan provides monitoring of your online credit report, alerts you when your information is at risk, provides assistance in reporting identity fraud and much more.

Our service provides early notification through EdgeAlerts, which notify members by email, telephone, and regular mail when we detect your personal identity is compromised. We offer two protection plans to provide the level of protection that fits your needs and your budget. Browse our website for details about each plan and to begin your protection.

In the event you are the victim of identity theft, as a member of IdentityEdge, you will have access to customer support and full restoration services. Our experts assist you in ID theft report and restoration measures. We work with you to report the fraud, restore your identity and minimize disruptions to your good credit rating.

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