Score Assist Review

A popular credit score monitoring service, Score Assist connects customers with Jean Chatzky, America’s Money Coach, who personally assists them with controlling and improving their credit. Score Assist also aids with real-time disputes of negative items, as well as with those items on a credit report which customers may not understand.

Score Assist Review

Products and Services

Score Assist views customers’ different credit scores in order to identify any negative items, which it then disputes on their behalf. With the click of the mouse, customers can witness in real-time the subsequent improvement in their credit scores.

Score Assist’s SMART Credit Report offers a quick and easy glance at a number of credit scores beyond those issued by the three credit reporting bureaus. These include automotive credit, employment, and insurance scores, all of which bear significantly on every consumer’s life.

Score Assist’s highly touted SMART Action Button gathers all of the customers’ information in one easy-to-use location. The button allows customers to view errors on their credit reports, to detect and remove problems caused by identity theft, and to verify accounts. The SMART Action Button allows enables customers to request corrections of negative information, to settle outstanding debts, and to estimate the credit-boosting power of many different actions.

An early warning system enabling customers to take a proactive stance to their credit score, SMART Alerts apprises customers of changes to their credit status.

Credit Assist’s SMART Credit Report Lock service offers customers aggressively, proactive protection for themselves and their credit scores. SMART Credit Report Lock allows consumers easily to lock and unlock their credit files so as to prevent identity theft and other potential credit hazards.

Pricing And Cancellation

Upon expiration of a five-day free trial period, Credit Assist charges customers $29.95 for each month of continued membership.

Customers may cancel at any time and are under no obligation to continue purchasing Score Assist’s services.


Score Assist markets a decent product at a decent price. Some customers complain that the free trial period expires too quickly to permit the accurate evaluation of Score Assist’s product. But Score Assist’s unique line of products, such as Auto Assist, which lets customers view their auto credit score, put powerful credit score management tools at customers’ disposal.

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