TrueCredit Review

Developed by all three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) to make it easier for customers to understand their credit scores, TrueCredit features a new and improved way for customers to manage their credit.

TrueCredit Review

Products and Services

Though TrueCredit offers customers a free credit score, it does oblige them to enroll in its credit monitoring service for a free seven-day trial period.

Customers enrolling in TrueCredit’s credit monitoring services receive the following benefits:

  • Credit scores from TransUnion, Experience, and Equifax;
  • Email alerts from all 3 bureaus of critical changes to their credit;
  • Monthly credit score updates.

Additional Benefits

TrueCredit’s customers also receive the following powerful analytical tools:

  • Graphical trending of credit progress;
  • Colorful charts and graphs for monitoring changes in debt, income, available credit, and more;

Pricing And Cancellation

Upon expiration of the seven-day trial period, TrueCredit charges customers $14.95 a month for every month of continued membership.

Customers can cancel their membership at any time by calling TrueCredit’s toll-free Customer Service number.

Contact Information

Customer Service: 1-800-493-2392


TrueCredit makes it easy for customer to understand their credit score. It issues an understandable report card-style grade to correspond with their credit scores. Customers can also see where they rank in comparison to the rest of the nation.

TrueCredit also sends email alerts right to customers’ email inbox if it discovers an incident indicative of possible identity theft.

TrueCredit features an easy-to-navigate website and an extensive FAQ and question and answer section, making it one of the more helpful credit monitoring agencies.

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