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No one expects to be a victim of identity theft. Identity tax fraud is no exception to this. Billions of dollars are put into the hands of criminals who are imposing on your tax return each year. All it takes is a breach of your social security number to steal your identity and file a false tax return, causing you weeks of headaches and misery as you try to correct your return.

identity-tax-fraudHow will I know if I am a victim?

Knowing whether you have been victimized is quite simple. Your return will be rejected. If filing electronically, you will receive a message stating your tax return has already been filed. On the other hand, if you file by mail, your return will be followed by a letter from the IRS stating you have a duplicate return on file.

I am a victim of identity tax fraud! What can I do?

Once you have discovered that you are the victim of identity tax fraud act quickly. This will help you prevent any further damage to your good name. Following these steps are a good start to regaining your identity:

  1. Visit the IRS “Reporting Identity Theft” webpage to download and complete Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit, to flag your account. You may contact the IRS for specialized assistance at 800.908.4490 or reference Publication 5027, Identity Theft Information for Taxpayers.
  2. Report the use of your social security number to the FTC by visiting This information will be helpful to provide to credit reporting agencies to prove you were a victim of identity theft.
  3. Check your credit reports at all three credit reporting agencies. Report any inaccuracies immediately. Continue to monitor your credit file regularly.
  4. Consider an identity theft protection service to help protect, monitor and repair your good name. Once your social security number is compromised, fraud and additional identity theft cases may creep up on you for years to come.