Protect Yourself
From Identity Theft

It only takes a few minutes to protect yourself from Identity theft. Trust SHERPA® Identity Protection to guide you to the path that’s right for your needs and give you peace of mind.

What is

In its truest definition, a Sherpa is an expert who guides a climber when they scale a mountain to reach the highest peak. Sherpas understand the terrain and the equipment needed, and they walk side-by-side with the individual to ensure a safe journey.

The same should be true when it comes to protecting your identity and financial security. Look to SHERPA for that trusted guidance. SHERPA provides quality identity theft protection that is easy to understand. Plus, we deliver the protection you need at a lower cost than other solutions on the market today!

Protection Plans

SHERPA offers three robust plans that you can use to protect yourself from identity theft. Each plan caters to options and benefits designed to meet your needs. It takes just minutes to secure your identity with SHERPA Identity Protection.


SHERPA delivers comprehensive, proactive protection that includes credit and identity monitoring as well as credit repair services to safeguard your identity and financial security. Today’s world is constantly changing – trust SHERPA to provide the protection your identity deserves.

Credit Monitoring


Monitoring and reporting to protect you from fraudulent activity, including credit card fraud.

Identity Monitoring


SHERPA’s proprietary technology proactively secures your online credentials and data.

Credit Repair


Delivering comprehensive restoration services to get you back on track.

Identity Fraud & Detection Cost

The average amount of time fraudsters are misusing consumers’ information

The average amount of time it takes to stop the crime from occurring after it has been detected

U.S. adult victims of identity fraud in 2016

The average fraud amount per victim

Ready to Protect Your Identity?

Committing identity theft and identity fraud is a crime, and both refer to the wrongful taking of another individual’s personal data, typically for economic gain. Protect yourself. Get SHERPA Identity Protection on your side today! Plus, SHERPA delivers the protection you need at a lower cost than other solutions on the market today!